Tanganyika cichlids poster

  • Tanganyika cichlids poster

    • 307 Tanganyika cichlids species photos on poster size 80x170 cm
    • Poster show different cichlid species found in Lake Tanganyika. There is only one photo of each species (for example only one photo of N. leleupi..). For each species I tried to choose the nicest photo from the type locality of the species or from some other location if I didn't have a photo from type locality). So on Tanganyika cichlids poster there are photos of all species found in Lake Tanganyika (list according to tanganyika.si).
    • Posters are printed on quality waterproof material (similar to vinyl), so it is suitable for placement also in humid environments (like fishrooms for example)
    • Price (for one poster): 50 EUR + shipping (for shipping costs please see attached photo)
    • Payment is possible via PayPal, Revolut or direct bank transfer (for Revolut or direct bank transfer payment please contact me via private message)
    • My PayPal info: https://paypal.me/gregorbauer79?locale.x=en_US or send money manually on my PayPal account: gregor.bauer@gmail.com (please send with option "Sending to a friend" to avoid fees)
    • In the first round I will accept orders till Monday 18.9.2023. After that I will order printing posters by my supplier. It will probably take a week or two for the posters to be printed (depending on how many orders there will be). So posters will very likely be ready to send to your addresses at the end of September or in the first week of October. Order is confirmed when I receive your payment. After payment please send me via private message your address, email and phone number (I need this data to fulfill CN23 which I need to attach to each package)

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