Tanganika MAGAZYN no 34

  • 34ta en okladka.jpgDear Readers,

    Tanganika MAGAZYN no 34 will be available soon!

    Magazine is available in two separate language versions: English and Polish.

    Europe - 22 euros +10 euros shipping - total 32 euros

    Other countries: 24 USD + shipping

    For more information please ask us via email: biurokrakow@tropheus.com.pl

    Payment via PayPal - robert.mierzenski@gmail.com

    Content TM 34

    • Unique in Lake Tanganyika - The diversity of breeding sites of Neolamprologus tetracanthus - Heinz H. Büscher
    • Cameron Bay in Zambia - Its various biotopes and inhabitants – Peter Schupke
    • Neolamprologus savoryi – a princess prototype found throughout Lake Tanganyika – Magnus Karlsson, Mikael Karlsson
    • Neolamprologus christyi – its geographical distribution, natural diet, and potential inclusion in a future exclusive group of lamprologin species - Magnus Karlsson, Mikael Karlsson
    • Chalinochromis popelini - From “missing link” to “holy grail” – Patrick Tawil
    • Paracyprichromis sp. “ammelrooyi” - Max Bjørneskov
    • Lamprologus laparogramma - A very interesting mud dwelling species - Max Bjørneskov
    • Lophiobagrus sp. “ s hell” - A very interesting new species in the hobby - Max Bjørneskov
    • The biparental mouthbrooding cichlid fishes of Lake Tanganyika – Wolfgang Staeck